The videos in this library document the evolution of Northeast Ohio Regional Airport from its inception in 1965 to the present. The Airport was originally conceived to function as an economic engine that would fuel area business and job growth. In 2011, the Airport had aged to the point of requiring significant repairs and maintenance. A plan was set into motion to reconstruct the runway, build a modern terminal building, and make numerous operational and safety improvements. Upon completion in 2017, HZY was one of a handful of fully compliant airports in Ohio. The result has been increased activity among all aircraft, and especially by corporate jet aircraft. It has been estimated there are over 2,000 good paying jobs in Ashtabula County that are possible in part to the operational capabilities and convenience of HZY.

Ron Clutter Spire 2011

This video helped justify the Airport’s retention of jet capability. The resolution is very low due to standard definition video and an 18-minute runtime. It is interesting to hear Ron Clutter’s vision for SPIRE Institute & Academy that is becoming true more than a decade later.

HZY 2012

This video features community leaders such as: Richard Morrison / Molded Fiber Glass Companies, Dave Price / Ashtabula County Airport Authority Board, Larry Laurello / Delta Railroad Construction, Dwight Bowden / Ohio Technologies, Lance Bushweiler / Corporate Jet Pilot, Laura Jones / Leadership Ashtabula County, Mark Winchell / Ashtabula County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Ann Fairhurst / Cleveland Foundation, Joe Moroski / Ashtabula County Commissioner, Ron Clutter / SPIRE Institute.

HZY 2012 Energy

This short video was put together in response to the discovery of accessible shale oil and natural gas formations in eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania. HZY was promoted as a key transportation asset as well as featuring many acres of non-aviation land available as potentially strategic staging areas for oil exploration and storage of drilling machinery and materials for the Utica and Marcellus shale formations.

HZY 2013

This video features community leaders discussing the Airport as an economic engine supporting jobs and industry in Northeastern Ohio. Featuring: Dwight Bowden, Lance Bushweiler, Richard Morrison, Laura Jones, Mark Winchell, Ann Fairhurst, Larry Laurello, Joe Moroski, Jeff Orloff / SPIRE Institute.

HZY 2016

This short two-minute video was created prior to a major runway reconstruction and new terminal building. It celebrates 50 years of Airport service to Ashtabula County and the surrounding area.

HZY 2020 Governor

A brief clip highlighting Governor Mike DeWine’s first visit to HZY.

HZY 2020

An updated video outlining the Airport’s vital role as an economic engine for the region. Featuring Richard Morrison, Jonathan Ehrenfeld / Blue Ocean-SPIRE, Louis
DeJesus / Third Dimension.

HZY 2021

Featuring Dwight Bowden, Mike DeWine / Ohio Governor, Richard Morrison, Jonathan Ehrenfeld, Mike Kelly / Third Dimension-Green Bay Packaging, Shaun Gruber / Ashtabula Fire Chief, Lance Bushweiler, Kate Burke-Rosales.

HZY 2022

Featuring Richard Morrison, Jonathan Ehrenfeld, Steve Ellsworth / Third Dimension-Green Bay Packaging, Lance Bushweiler, James Bryant / ODOT Aviation, Brenda Cummins /Cleveland Foundation, Tony Fiore / Ohio Aviation Association, Kate Burke-Rosales.

HZY 2023 Career Day

A brief clip promoting Aviation Career Day at HZY. This is an active outreach by the Airport, in partnership with area educational leaders, to reach high school students as they are considering career opportunities.

HZY 2023

Featuring Richard Morrison, Jonathan Ehrenfeld (Blue Ocean), Steve Ellsworth, Lance Bushweiler, James Bryant, Brenda Cummins, Tony Fiore, Rebecca Heller / Sky Quest, Kate Burke-Rosales.

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